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Metabolic Transformation

VALUE Pack | 30-Day Weight Loss | 30 Breakfast Meals + 15 Lunch Meals | less than $3.00/meal

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The 30-Day Weight Loss VALUE Pack is our most popular pack and is the perfect place to kickstart your metabolic makeover.  It ensures an effortless and mistake-free kickstart to your weight loss journey revitalizing your Muscle Metabolism.

Each METABOLIC Shake is a complete Meal Replacement with a metabolically perfect balance of Macronutrients, engineered to fuel and ignite your Muscle Metabolism. Each Shake and as low as $2.80, when you Subscribe and Save.

Consider these incredible and proven benefits when you properly fuel your Muscle Metabolism with METABOLIC Shakes: 

  • Increased metabolic rate

  • Long-term improvements to your body composition

  • Healthier lean muscles and more lean muscle mass

  • Less body fat 

  • More energy without midday crashes

  • Less cravings for food 

  • Improved biomarkers and operating within normal ranges

The 30-Day Weight Loss Value Pack Comes With: 

  • 30 complete Metabolic Breakfast Meal Replacements

  • 15 Complete Metabolic Lunch Replacement Shakes (designed for your first 2 weeks)

  • 60 capsules of Metabolic Lift for accelerated fat loss

  • The Ultimate Guide to METABOLIC by Dr. Donald K. Layman (20 pages)

  • The METABOLIC Quick Reference Guide

Only METABOLIC contains the studies combined with the proven product formulas that will help you make a long-term metabolic changes. And with Dr. Layman's decades of first-hand research, we guarantee you won't find another program with this level of scientific credibility. 

To use the 30-day Weight Loss Value Pack: Just take the METABOLIC Shake for Breakfast and lunch (first two weeks only), along with your Lift capsules. Then follow Dr. Layman's easy guidelines for snacks and making Metabolic Meals at lunch (last two weeks) and dinner time. It's that simple!

Continue to replenish your product supply through METABOLIC as needed until you reach your ideal weight and body composition, and then transition to the METABOLIC Maintenance Pack, where you can enjoy your new body for life.

Welcome a new sustainable lifestyle. The Metabolic Lifestyle. Get ready to kiss goodbye to frustrating weight fluctuations forever, and say hello to your brand new body, built by METABOLIC, fueled by your Muscle Metabolism. 

Suggested Use

To boost your metabolism and begin your transformation: take 1-2 Metabolic Lift pills 30 minutes before both breakfast and lunch, and enjoy a Metabolic Shake as a meal replacement.

For the 30 Meal pack: Replace both meals for 15 days.

For the 45 Meal Pack: Replace both meals for 15 days, then drink just one shake per day - breakfast only -for 2 more weeks.

Follow the Ultimate Guide to learn how to create a full Metabolic meal as you reduce the number of Metabolic shakes you drink!

Benefits of the Metabolic Shake

MacroBalanced formula engineered with precision to provide your body with all the carbs, fats, and protein required to activate and energize your Muscle Metabolism

This balanced fuel will fine-tune your metabolic engine to operate at peak performance and burn fat for hours

Fuels body with optimal macronutrient blend for sustained energy

Maximizes anabolic response to build and repair lean muscles for enhanced daily performance and strength. Energizes muscles to burn fats and carbohydrates and promote healthy blood sugar levels within normal range

Keeps you satisfied for hours while curbing cravings for sweets and unhealthy snacks. 2 bags will give you two meals a day for 2 weeks

Highly cost-effective at around $3 per meal! 

Benefits of the Lift Capsule

Increase fat burning!

Curb appetite!

Improve body composition!

Restore energy!

30 Day Guarantee

We are so confident in these products, we offer a 30 day, no-questions-asked, full refund guarantee. If you try it and don't like it, you can return it for your money back.


Orders are processed daily and received in 2-5 business days.

Why it works

After four decades of research and diet testing, Dr. Layman has designed a meal replacement shake that holds the ideal balance of macros that will help you reach your optimum Muscle Metabolism.

This shake has the perfect MacroBalance of proteins and carbohydrates to fuel your body and energize fat burning; it is enriched with micronutrients and fiber; it’s lactose and gluten-free; and it has a clean vanilla flavor that is easy to mix with other flavors.

In short? The Metabolic Lifestyle System will produce lasting transformative results.