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Metabolic Transformation

The Ultimate Guide To The Metabolic Program (Digital Download)

The Ultimate Guide To The Metabolic Program (Digital Download)

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The Ultimate Guide to Metabolic is a digital 20 page book designed to help you learn how to make lifestyle changes in order to find lasting change. It will walk you through the process of reaching your ideal weight from start to finish, while giving you knowledge and tools to maintain your body shape long after you've reached your goal. With pro tips and instructions on how to build your own perfectly balanced macro meals, not to mention words of support and encouragement in your quest for health, this Metabolic guide will give you all you need to make this journey a huge success. 

*This is a digital product. Immediately after purchase a link will come up to download the guide. An email with a link for this guide will also be sent to your inbox. Once purchased, you may download this guide as many times as you'd like. 

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Why it works

After four decades of research and diet testing, Dr. Layman has designed a meal replacement shake that holds the ideal balance of macros that will help you reach your optimum Muscle Metabolism.

This shake has the perfect MacroBalance of proteins and carbohydrates to fuel your body and energize fat burning; it is enriched with micronutrients and fiber; it’s lactose and gluten-free; and it has a clean vanilla flavor that is easy to mix with other flavors.

In short? The Metabolic Lifestyle System will produce lasting transformative results.