What Can Metabolic Do For You?

Activate Your Muscle Metabolism

Because Dr. Layman’s system targets root causes within your metabolism you will experience unprecedented benefits that extend far beyond weight loss. 

  • Lose Fat

    Watch your body fat disappear. as you energize your muscle metabolism each day. Your body will burn off to fuel the metabolic process.

  • Boost Metabolism

    Feed your body the proper macronutrients and maximize your metabolic expenditure and burn more calories.

  • Crush Cravings

    You know you're following the system when you lose those intense cravings for sugar and high carb snacks. You'll find yourself satisfied.

  • Build Muscle

    Maintaining muscle requires is a critical part of healthy aging and is more and more important every year. Get the nutrients to build muscle every day.

  • All-Day Energy

    Avoid the high, low, crash cycle that plagues most people and replace it with consistent and reliable energy.

  • Healthy Digestion

    Keep your gut healthy and in balance with our soluble prebiotic fiber that promotes regularity and supports optimal digestive function.

  • Normal Blood Sugar

    Watch your vital fuctions come back into balance as you feed your body the optimal balance of macronutrients.

  • Elevated Mood

    All things work better when you are giving your body the raw materials, including your mental health.

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