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What is our Ambassador program?

    • The Metabolic affiliate program is one of the best ways to earn income. Social selling is quickly emerging as the most popular way to combine a healthy and balanced lifestyle with huge financial opportunity. You get to decide when and how often you work - there is no set schedule or minimum. So how far you go is up to you, but we’ll give you the tools and support to get there, at your own pace. 

  • The results will speak for themselves! Showing off your transformation will have people wondering how you made such dramatic changes to your health. With this physical change, and by focusing on products you can genuinely attest to, sharing your link come naturally. When others use that link, you will reap the rewards.

  • By partnering with us you will tap into a goldmine of experience and get to leverage Dr. Layman's proven research to help you grow your income. 

  • Metabolic is one of the cleanest, macro-balanced, nutrient rich products out there. You will be partnered with the very best of best on the market.

  • Exclusive access to coaching sessions, Q&A with Dr. Layman, and our professional team of experts that are there to help you succeed!

  • Be the first to learn and try new products, with a chance to earn additional commission

  • The process is easy! Simply follow the easy steps below to receive your custom link. Then start sharing and get rewarded!

    Why join us?

    Metabolic is a young, innovative, fast-growing, yet stable company determined to change the way the world tries to change their bodies. Consumers are now looking for nutritionally-based solutions more than ever before, making us increasingly more relevant. Now that we have some ground-breaking answers, we want to share it with the world and help others find lasting change too. That's where you come in. 

    We insist on the highest quality when it comes to our ingredients and manufacturing practices. All of which help you (and others!) live a healthy, balanced life!

    The process is easy and you have the full support of our professional team that has decades of successful direct sales and consumer goods experience, so you’re always in good hands.

    Utilize our user-friendly affiliate dashboard page to monitor, manage and maintain your business from anywhere in the world!

    So...What are you waiting for?

    Still have more questions? Head over to our FAQ page and click on the Affiliate Program section, or reach out to us using our Contact Us page.        

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