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Transform your body and achieve lasting weight loss success effortlessly with Dr. Layman's revolutionary discovery. Now you can harness the power of your muscle metabolism and burn more fat, gain lean muscle, and even boost calorie burn.

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No This Isn't A Diet

Diets can wreck your metabolism. By cutting out major food groups with fad diets, you compromise your metabolism, causing the opposite of your desired results: rapid rebounds, cravings and fatigue, metabolic meltdowns, and increased fat storage, rather than fat loss.

Dr. Layman's award-winning research shows it all begins with your muscle health, which energizes your metabolism. Putting the right combination of macro nutrients including protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your body actually charges your muscles and addresses the root cause of weight gain. By following the Metabolic Lifestyle, you will not only fix your muscle metabolism and burn off excess fat, you will see results that last long after the other fad diets fade away.

The Metabolic Lifestyle teaches you how to feed your body from all the right food groups, in all the right amounts to restore your muscle metabolism and maximize calorie burning!


The Surprising Power of Your Muscle Metabolism

Correcting your metabolism has lasting results that go far beyond looking and feeling better.

Unlock your full potential with the right approach to nutrition and muscle metabolism and experience a transformed body with more toned physique, sustained energy throughout the day, balanced blood sugar levels, elevated mood, diminished cravings, and improved sleep patterns. Let metabolic optimization lead the way to optimal health and wellness.


Don't Know Where to Start?

Transform your body and achieve lasting results with our best-selling Metabolic Weightloss Value Pack (30 day supply). Based on science and extensive research, this cutting-edge approach to weight management is guaranteed to deliver results

  • Metabolic Targets Root Causes

    Say goodbye to quick-fix and fad diets and hello to lasting results with The Metabolic Lifestyle. Backed by 30+ years of research by Dr. Layman, Metabolic scientifically targets your Muscle Metabolism, the root cause of weight gain for real results, no tricks or false promises.

  • Metabolic Is Sustainable

    Achieve your dream body without depriving yourself of the foods you love. The Metabolic Lifestyle teaches you how to balance your macronutrients for optimal weight loss and a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

  • Metabolic Teaches Healthy Habits

    The Metabolic Lifestyle is not just a quick fix, it's a sustainable solution that teaches you the habits you need for a lifetime of weight management success. Forget about fad diets that only leave you disappointed and heavier than before, with Metabolic you will finally achieve the lasting, healthy body you've always wanted.

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Meet the Mastermind

After witnessing first hand the destructive effects of today’s popular “fad diets”, Dr. Layman began the work to develop the Metabolic Lifestyle. The only program that focuses on muscle metabolism and is backed by science.

Learn More About Dr. Layman
  • Amplify Your Fat Burning Metabolism

    The nutrients in Metabolic energize your muscle metabolism, which is the key to burning more fat. When your muscles are working efficiently, they require more energy, which is supplied by burning fat stored in your body. This results in a natural increase in calorie burn, leading to weight loss and a leaner, healthier physique

  • Enchance Lean Muscle

    If you're looking to build lean muscle and see real results, you need more than just protein. That's why we've carefully curated the Metabolic shake to include a powerhouse of essential micronutrients that will not only help build muscle but also aid in recovery. When paired with an active lifestyle, you'll be amazed at how quickly you'll start to see improvements in your strength and muscle tone.

  • Restore Energy & Improve Mood

    Following our fully guided plan, you will take on a new lifestyle that will have you more active and happier than ever before. By fueling your body with the Metabolic Activator Pack you'll find a huge increase in both energy level and improved mood.

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BASIC Pack | 30-Day Weight Loss | 30 Breakfast Meals | as low as $3.00/meal

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