VALUE Pack | 30-Day Weight Loss  | 30 Breakfast Meals + 15 Lunch Meals | as low as $2.80/meal


With Dr. Donald K. Layman's revolutionary Metabolic Lifestyle system, you will build lean muscle, burn off excess fat, and maximize calorie burning for life!

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Why This Isn't A Diet

Diets can wreck your metabolism. By cutting out major food groups with fad diets, you compromise your metabolism, causing the opposite of your desired results: rapid rebounds, cravings and fatigue, metabolic meltdowns, and increased fat storage, rather than fat loss.

Dr. Layman's award-winning research shows it all begins with your muscle health, which energizes your metabolism. Putting the right combination of macro nutrients including protein, fat, and carbohydrates in your body actually charges your muscles and addresses the root cause of weight gain. By following the Metabolic Lifestyle, you will not only fix your muscle metabolism and burn off excess fat, you will see results that last long after the other fad diets fade away.

The Metabolic Lifestyle teaches you how to feed your body from all the right food groups, in all the right amounts to restore your muscle metabolism and maximize calorie burning!


Benefits That Last

Dr. Layman's ground-breaking approach, based on his decades of research will use your Muscle Metabolism to unlock lasting results.

Discover lean muscle tone, high energy levels, level blood sugar, mood improvement, snack cravings, sleep patterns, and so much more. And this time, do it the right way; for good.


Best Seller

The Stage 1 Metabolic Weightloss Pack (30 day supply) is our most popular selling product. Backed by science and extensive research, this new approach to weight management will bring lasting results.

  • Target Root Causes

    This isn’t a gimmick or a celebrity diet that pretends to trick your body into a magic weight loss. The Metabolic Lifestyle addresses the fundamental cause of weight gain by fine tuning your muscle metabolism.

  • Optimize Calories

    Weight gain is ultimately a calorie problem, but not all calories are created equal. The Metabolic Lifestyle will show you the optimum balance of the macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) for each meal, to protect calorie-burning lean tissue, reduce body fat, and achieve the healthy body you want.

  • Build New Habits

    This is where fad diets fail. Anyone can power through a gimmicky diet, and you may even lose some weight, but ultimately, they prove unsustainable. You will regain the weight with interest (more than you started with). Metabolic will teach you habits that are sustainable for lifetime.

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Meet the Mastermind

After witnessing first hand the destructive effects of today’s popular “fad diets”, Dr. Layman began the work to develop the Metabolic Lifestyle. The only program that focuses on muscle metabolism and is backed by science.

Learn More About Dr. Layman
  • Fat Loss

    With Metabolic's perfectly balanced macronutrients you will curb cravings, feel full for hours, and still shed unwanted weight. This is the key to unlocking your muscle metabolism. Once this is unleashed, the pounds will fade away and you will experience long-lasting results.

  • Build Muscle Tone

    Protein isn't the only thing needed to build lean muscle. That's why we've packed the Metabolic shake full of other micronutrients that will build muscle and assist in recovery. When paired with an active lifestyle, you'll quickly see improvement in your strength.

  • Restore Energy & Improve Mood

    Following our fully guided plan, you will take on a new lifestyle that will have you more active and happier than ever before. By fueling your body with the Metabolic Activator Pack you'll find a huge increase in both energy level and improved mood.

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BASIC Pack | 30-Day Weight Loss | 30 Breakfast Meals | as low as $3.00/meal

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